I have two general comments on this video:

1) this is why you block.  In the TKD sparring I’ve seen, blocks are way underutilized, as are arms in general.   It sometimes seems like they’re not there!  Although one can’t really score points with the arms, they sure have a purpose, and protecting the head is one.  Lots of good things you can do with the arms–deception, power blows to set up combinations, and most importantly maybe, good blocks.

2) to headhunt or not to headhunt?  Cases like this aside (where the opponent is clearly not ready to defend against or avoid head blows), should one constantly take the high kicks without going to the body?  I realize that in this video it could be the case that blue sees that red is completely unprepared to defend his head and so sticks to the headhunting.  But he seems to do it right out of the box.  Not sure I’d go for that.  A better defender would have got the message that the head was the primary target, and then blue would never have been able to land a blow other than on a counter.  Any strategy a perceptive opponent can pick up on right away is not a very good one in my book.

ok, three comments.

3) red is clearly scared of getting hit.  He’s fighting timid, and I think that’s a big part of the reason he got knocked out.  He let blue get into his head (for whatever reason).  I don’t know if he was outclassed (as I don’t know what his skill normally is), but red is clearly the loser in the psychological battle.  He flinches every time blue moves.  I try to reflect on the following: if they can beat you, make them beat you with their physical skill–there’s no excuse for letting them beat you in the psychological game.