Welcome to “This Year in Martial Arts”!  I am a practitioner of taekwondo with interest in the martial arts in general, and will be updating this site with my observations on training in taekwondo, as well as thinking about the history and philosophy behind TKD and other martial arts.  In addition to martial arts, I’m also very interested in fitness in general, and will have the occasional post dedicated to fitness, nutrition, and a couple of my other athletic interests, running and bodybuilding.

The name of this blog is inspired by a joke on the TV show “The Office”, where the character Dwight Schrute holds a one day seminar in the office surrounding “updates, advancements, etc.” in martial arts.  One way you can think of this blog is as offering my own updates, advancements, reflections on training, and general thinking about martial arts and related subjects.  Again, welcome–hope you’ll join me in thinking about the martial arts!